Steam Inventory Helper 1.11.0

A Steam inventory and market tool for Chrome

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Steam Inventory Helper is an extension designed for the Chrome web browser. An integration with the Steam platform empowers gamers with new capabilities. At its core, the extension gives Steam users more control over their inventories. Steam allows users to collect in-game cosmetic items and trading cards. Users buy, sell, and even trade these items in a bustling economy known as the Steam Marketplace. In simple terms, Steam Inventory Helper makes it easier for users to navigate the Marketplace today.

An Extension That Turns Regular Steam Users Into Power Users

Over a million users access the Steam Marketplace on a regular basis. The Marketplace economy continues to expand as in-game cosmetics and trading cards grow in popularity. Currently, hundreds of games include these items, which can be earned through play time or by completing certain challenges. These items come with a real world value on the Steam Marketplace, and prices are dictated by supply and demand. The rarest items could be worth hundreds of dollars in actual currency, while common items fetch pennies.

The inventory system in the official Steam client is somewhat bulky and tiresome to navigate. Fortunately, Steam Inventory Helper gives individual users the power features they need to manage their inventories. Standout features include bulky buying and selling of specific items as well as the ability to automatically buy or sell items. Steam users have grown accustomed to dealing with items on an item-by-item basis. With Steam Inventory Helper, bulk actions speed up the process, saving time and effort with ease.

Users will discover a handful of other features baked into Steam Inventory Helper. For instance, the extension lists the best buy and sell prices for individual items. Desktop notifications come standard with the extension, as long as Chrome runs in the background. Being able to receive desktop notifications is perhaps the second most important feature of the extension, and many users will appreciate this capability. Without a doubt, Steam Inventory comes with many other features that aren't readily apparent upon first use.

Where The Steam Inventory Helper Falls A Little Short

Steam Inventory Helper comes with a few downsides that are worth mentioning. First of all, the extension isn't an official extension of the Steam platform. Users place their Steam accounts and trust with a third party. Nothing has gone awry yet, but that doesn't mean nothing will happen in the future. Also, desktop notifications don't work properly when Chrome isn't running on the foreground or background. Not all users will know how to set this feature up properly to ensure it works as intended.

Aside from minor caveats, Steam Inventory Helper is an incredible Chrome extension for Steam users.


  • Allows users to buy and sell Steam Marketplace items in bulk
  • A number of other features thrown into the mix as well
  • Fairly slick user interface for a Chrome extension


  • Not officially endorsed by Valve, the owner of Steam
  • Desktop notifications may not work as intended for all users

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